Little Marionette

1A, Booth street, 2041

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+61 (2) 9819 9718
closes soon
06:30 am - 05:00 pm
Good for breakfast

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Tucked into a tiny corner, with just a few tables, this café could never seat the long line of customers who queue for the delicious coffee here. Locals mix with coffee lovers from all over the city. The self-confessed coffee geeks who run this place roast the beans themselves at the Annandale branch, and it is little surprise that they offer great consistency of flavour. The welcoming attitude of the baristas adds to the charm. Not only do they pour perfect lattes into signature Little Marionette paper cups, but they deliver orders to the park opposite the café, and even provide blankets. Kids are always welcome here too. This is the perfect place for a quality coffee. The avocado and feta toast is highly recommended too!

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