O Cafe (West Village)

482, 6th Avenue, 10012

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6th Ave. L-1-2-3-F-V
+1 (212) 229 2233
07:00 am - 08:30 pm

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Working closely with Brazilian coffee farmers and Panther, a specialty Miami-based coffee roaster, O Cafe offers a wide range of top notch coffee beverages. On the vast menu you'll find rotating bean and blend options and tempting food too. The French press coffee is consistently good or go for an espresso or Americano if you want something stronger. Food ranges from classic breakfast items and unusual sandwiches (kale!) to Brazilian-inspired pão de mel (honey bread). The cafe may not be very large, but there's plenty of seating. The unfussy design, which features lots of pretty greenery, makes it a thoroughly pleasant place to hang out.

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