Kaffe 1668

275, Greenwich Street, 10007

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Chambers St. 1-2-3
+1 (212) 693 3750
06:30 am - 09:00 pm
06:30 am - 08:30 pm
07:00 am - 08:00 pm
Good for breakfast

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Inspired by London and Australian coffee shops, Kaffe 1668 owners, Swedish twin-brothers, were keen on opening a café like that in NYC. Which half-explains why Kaffe 1668 has a European vibe with a modern Swedish design, spread over two floors. The place is spacious and can easily accommodate all of its Tribecca local clients: trendy mums with children, law students, Financial District suits and all varieties of coffee fanatic. A cup here is indeed first-rate, made from Intelligentsia beans carefully selected from estates around the world. The skilled and friendly baristas use two Clover machines and a Synesso machine, which guarantee the best quality coffee. Each cup is individually brewed, so you might have to wait a little for your coffee, but the personal touch gives you that warm glow, by way of compensation. The breakfast menu provides lots of healthy choices, like local Greek yoghurt, granola bars and oatmeal, while for lunch they offer sandwiches made from organic ingredients and mouth-watering pastries. Since Kaffe 1668’s mascot is a cute sheep, we recommend you join its flock!

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Best coffee I had in New York was here. Was so good I had another and was sorely tempted to go for 3 really great, tried a few on this app too - this was the best.