11-13, Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QD

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+44 (0) 20 7833 8115
08:00 am - 10:30 pm
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Good for breakfast

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Right on the corner of Exmouth Market, Caravan is a fine combination of restaurant, bar and coffee roastery. Their serious approach to coffee is underlined by the coffee roaster tucked away in the basement. Releasing small batches daily, they offer freshly roasted coffee to go - whole beans or ground. The extensive and imaginative menu gives plenty of options to choose from. A roomy, welcoming and bright interior of the restaurant is nicely bustling and on warmer days they open the doors to soak up the market atmosphere. It’s hard to resist trying both their oh-so-milky and creamy Latte, or rich Flat White.

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Sam MacCuaig

My first visit to Caravan and I was very impressed. We tried the cold brew and a Kenyan bean made with a Chemex. The barista was very happy to nerd out on coffee with me and we discussed the finer points of cold brew and drip tower/ immersion brewing. I felt that a little more attention cud be payed to the grind as the filter was lacking a little bit in body but overall it was extremely good.



Reluctantly I return to this cafe more often than my opinion of it would warrant. My friends like it, I find the breakfast menu unfocused and the staff unfriendly. Too cool for school perhaps, the staff seem more concerned about keeping your glass of water refilled than anything else. It's noisy and in my view totally overrated. If it was actually in Australia instead of merely feeding London's obsession with antipodean coffee then I suspect it would be half empty. For my money if you want a good coffee in exmouth market try Brill and if u need a great antipodean breaky then head to Salvation Jane near old street.



Definitely it's my favorite place in the market